Shaving Set with Badger Hair Brush, Bowl, Stand and Soap

This set is perfect for beginners and for traveling. You get a great brush made from badger hair, a soap made from pure natural products. The bowl and stand are made from sturdy and corrosion resistant materials, so your products can stay organized and in great condition. 

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This stylish set of products gives you everything you need for the perfect shaving lather. 


This minimalist set is made with badger hair and wood and the soap is made from natural products. The bowl is made from stainless steel and the stand is made from a strong acrylic.


The shaving brush and bowl is instrumental in making a good lather and keeps your skin safe and moist with every shave. A good shaving brush hold water and soap bubbles to quickly build a superb lather in the bowl for your wet shaving. Once you start using the classic technique of brush and soap you will never go back to canned foam again. 

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