Hand Made Straight Razor with Gold Logo & Black Algum Handle

This hand made straight razor with hardwood handle and Japanese steel blade will take your shaving experience to a new level. When you want to shave like a gentleman, you might as well do it in style.

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This razor is clearly of very high quality and it shows in the design. The materials complement each other greatly and add elements of dimensionality and detail. Each razor is hand made giving them an authentic look.  


Japanese ACRO steel with 25K logo and a hardness of 61-65 HRC. The blade is sharpened and ready for use out of the box.


The handle is made from fine mahogany wood from Madagascar and has ends made from steel. 


Keep your razor and its components in mint condition by drying them after each use. When you take care of your blade, your blade will take care of you for many years to come. 
As an extra bonus you get a strop and wax for sharpening and an exclusive wooden case for safe keeping.

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