Reusable Four Layer Mask With Filters

These masks are washable so you can stay safe without producing unnessesary waste.

The amout of masks we go trough these days are terrible for the environment, and a resuable mask helps reduce this problem.

As an added bonus you get to look good when wearing a mask. 

WAS $17.00 NOW $8.50

Reduce waste - buy reusable instead

Waste beyond belief

It is difficult to comprehend how much waste is produced each day, simply because the numbers are religiously high. It varies between countries but on average every single person produce about 1,5 kg waste pr. day.

That is 12,5 million kg of waste every day in New York alone. That is a pretty big number so let me put it into perspective. It is the equivalent of 56 Statues of Liberty or 1100 school busses.

Put there are much more than people in the world than the 8.3 million in New York and the examples above are a drop in an ocean of waste.

We are burning through resources at an unbelievable rate.

Choose a different path

There is an upside though when dealing with numbers on a massive scale. Even the small changes you do make a huge difference. If the people of New York reduced their waste production with only 20g every day, that is 15 busses worth of waste saved.

We can always try to excuse ourselves that our actions alone do not change anything, but as you see even 20g matter. Every action you take, good or bad matters, because we are many, and we influence each other.

If everyone did what was best for others we would live in a very different world, but just doing a little extra makes it way better.

So what path do you choose?

1. Do you continue to waste at the rate you did before?

2. Or will you start being the change you want to see in the world and be the person others need you to be?

When you buy good products that are meant to be used repeatedly,

you automatically reduce waste and make a difference.

WAS $17.00 NOW $8.50


The details


Four layer protection with adjustable nose clip and ear straps for a tight fit and designed to insert PM2.5 filters.  


Made by high quality pure cotton materials making it breathable and comfortable. 


The mask is great for germ- and dust protection as well as anti-pollution. It needs to be cleaned and the filter needs to be replaced every seven days. Remember to take out the filters before washing. 

Make a difference

Do something good for the environment while doing something great for yourself.

You get something awesome and you help reduce waste of the earths resources at the same time.

It is a win-win for you and the planet.

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